We are positive about the future

While it’s not ideal to have the workforce working remotely, it is by no means the end of the world. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well the team have adapted to current working arrangements and also by what we can learn from the situation that was forced upon us by recent events.

Our whole team can work remotely. Our investment in the right technology over the past few years means they can work seamlessly wherever they are. But, because they can doesn’t necessarily mean they should, neither does it mean that is good for them to do so. So, working within the government guidelines, we are happy to allow them to work remotely or to come into the office.

Traditionally, the AGR office is a very collaborative environment; under normal conditions, it’s busy and always buzzing with calls coming in and going out around the globe; placing staff in over 60 countries requires a high volume of activity all day, every day. The team has thrived in this environment for almost 10 years.

But, while it is still possible for the team to fulfil their respective roles, it is essential to acknowledge that working with AGR is about much more than the daily tasks each of the team performs.

Health and wellbeing have always been a consideration at AGR, but never more so than now. Yes, we invested in the proper technology to enable them to work remotely, but we are also investing in their wellbeing. We have regular communication with every member of the team, and they have access to the management team at any time to discuss how they are feeling.

Zoom meetings are now a familiar occurrence in most businesses, but we’ve got Zoom fitness classes. What’s more, it’s a previous AGR team member that provides an exercise regime to ensure our team are staying active while working remotely. Jamie Menzies left AGR to follow his passion and set up his fitness training business, Mindful Movement. It’s been great to help support his business while he helps to support ours.

While we all look forward to the days when we can resume office life, we don’t intend to go back to old habits; we need to learn from recent experience and use it to our advantage in the future. Working from home is not be an ideal permanent solution, but offering a more flexible arrangement will help to create a much better work-life balance for all of our team in the future. They have all proven they can function remotely; so, now is an excellent time to offer a mix that lets each member choose how and when they work.

Remote working will also allow AGR to pull from a much greater talent pool in the future. Suppose we are not bound by geography whereby an employee must live within commuting distance of one of our offices. In that case, we can consider employing exceptional talent no matter where they live.

So, it may be a challenging time, but we believe taking advantage of the positives far outweighs being smothered by the negatives. Learning from our experiences will make us an even stronger team; that’s why we are looking to the future with a great deal of optimism.

Finally, we thank our team for their response, and we look forward to the day we can gather socially to treat them to a well-earned night out!