Our staff go the distance…

At AGR, we value our people, and whilst it may sound a bit clichéd, we absolutely know that our people are our biggest asset.  For this reason, we go to great lengths to ensure they are looked after as well as possible.  We have invested in our office space and created an environment that they are happy to come to each day.  We encourage them to take regular breaks throughout the day when they can play some table tennis or go for a brisk walk, whilst fresh fruit is always on hand to provide a healthy option in the office.

The team respond by giving us consistently good performances, day in, day out.   Each member is competitive by nature, something that’s easy to see during the table tennis breaks!  But, it’s our annual ‘Team Performers of the Year’ competition that really bring out the competitive spirit in each and every one of them.

The AGR workforce is split into teams:  Team Survey (Survey & Inspection), Team Drill (Drilling, Data Science & Well Services), Team Aberdeen (Drilling & Well Services), Team ROV, Team Data Science and Team Finance.  This is the broad split of responsibilities whilst other services such as Marine, Deck Crew and Offshore Construction are shared among members from each team.

Each team looks after particular sectors and within their respective teams they compete for the ‘Team Performers of the Year’ with the winning team heading off to Dubai for some well-earned pampering and a fair degree of partying.  The criteria against which they are judged are, Performance vs Budget, Performance vs KPIs, Time-Keeping & Punctuality, Appearance & Attitude and of course, Team Work.  As you can imagine, with such a sought after prize the competition is fierce – but always friendly.

Last year, Team Survey came out on top and won the trip to Dubai, their overall efforts as a team were admirable and the win was well deserved indeed.  However, it was a very close call and we were truly impressed with level of dedication shown by every member of the AGR team, so we decided to treat everyone to a well-deserved weekend away with their fellow team members.  So, Team Survey went off to Dubai whilst Team Drill headed to Barcelona, Team Aberdeen to Paris, Team ROV to Dublin, Team Data Science to Madrid and Team Finance to Rome.

We know we haven’t heard all of the stories from all of the trips, but we’ve heard enough to know the trips were all a great success where team members were able to let their hair down and get to know each other a little bit better.  Below are some photographs of the various teams on their respective breaks.

We have just launched the 2019 Team Performers of the Year competition, once again Dubai is the prize, so watch this space to see if Team Survey can repeat last year’s success, of will it be one of the other teams that lifts the spoils this year.