Celebrating three genuine AGR stalwarts

Those of you who know Advance Global Recruitment will appreciate that we are a people business; we find the right people for our clients. However, it’s more than that; we also find the right people to work with us at AGR to enable us to deliver our services to a consistently high standard. We also like to celebrate these people regularly. Today, we’re focusing on three exceptional people who have demonstrated loyalty, commitment and hard work over the past ten years. They are Ben Herriot, our Operations Director, and Operations Managers Paul Dickie and Neil Hogg.

Ben Herriot has undoubtedly played a significant role in AGR’s growth since joining us as a trainee in 2013. He is the perfect ambassador for the AGR Academy; he has developed into a consummate professional and an invaluable member of our team. Ben is extremely driven and highly focussed, and while he provides particular skills in Business Development and IT, he is a superb all-rounder and very much a team player.

Ben’s drive is equally evident outside work on the golf course; whether off the tee, the fairway or on the green, he is a keen and accomplished golfer. And when the game is over, he is happy to buy his round and chat knowledgeably about golf or the industry in which we work.

Paul Dickie is one of our Operations Managers. Once again, a highly-driven individual who is also a fantastic product of the AGR Academy. Paul has proven himself in the business and is one of the most well-respected members of the team. Paul is sales-driven and has built a team around him that demonstrate the same professionalism and approach that he does. It’s not uncommon for clients to express their gratitude for his excellent handling of their accounts and the speed of his responses.

Paul is more into team sports, in particular, football. He is a keen follower of the game and more than capable of holding his own when it comes to his knowledge of the game, which is only surpassed by his knowledge of the energy industry.

Neil Hogg is another of our Operations Managers who has shown tremendous loyalty over the past ten years. Neil is a knowledgeable person and the epitome of a team player, invariably putting the interests of his team ahead of his own, an admirable characteristic indeed. So, it’s no surprise that he has built an excellent team around him, all of whom are learning from his values, drive and commitment. Neil’s communication skills are second to none, whether internally with his team or with the clients, who often voice their respect for how he manages their requirements.

Neil’s interests outside the office also lie in sport, but this time it’s the oval ball; Neil is a rugby man and, as you’d expect with such a great communicator, he’s got all the banter and knowledge to hold his own on the topic.

Having been with the business so long, Ben, Paul and Neil are well-travelled, having been to countries like the USA, Holland, Denmark, Norway, the Middle East and many more to represent AGR. On their travels, they have represented the business well. They all adequately support our core values by demonstrating adaptability, commitment, integrity, and teamwork daily.

Speaking about the years of service provided by all three, Stuart Hunter, AGR’s CEO, commented: “I’m delighted we can highlight Ben, Paul and Neil for the dedication and commitment they have shown over the years. Each is a truly valued member of the AGR team. It’s particularly pleasing that they are all friends and colleagues, and all have been pivotal in the continued growth of the business. I genuinely appreciate all they do to make AGR such a great company.

“I’ve travelled with them on many occasions, and they have proven themselves to be very professional and capable ambassadors for the AGR brand and all that we stand for. I thank them for their loyalty and support and look forward to working and socialising with them for many years to come.”