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Celebrating the People that Make AGR Special: Our Annual Awards

Each year, Advance Global Recruitment brings together its staff for a grand event. From trainees to managers, everyone gathers to celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Recognising everyone’s exceptional attitudes and commitment to a rapidly growing and demanding industry. The task of finding the right talent for the energy sector – especially with the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy, requires immense discipline, organization, and time. AGR’s Annual Awards Day serves as a testament to the hard work and commitment displayed by everyone at the company. Commemorating the time and effort they have invested in their field that makes AGR the leading energy supplier of choice it has become today.

AGR invited two motivational speakers to share their unique mindsets and experiences, providing insight into how to manage stressful situations – echoing the demanding nature of the energy recruitment industry: with tight deadlines and ever-changing workflows.

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The first to take the stage was Alistair Gray. A teacher, guide, mentor, and yogi, Alistair shared his wisdom on meditation and positive thinking. As the founder of Mindful Talent and co-founder of the Mindful Talent Coaching Academy. Alistair has established himself as one of the UK’s leading Executive Coaches & Leadership Consultants. Working with prestigious clients such as Google, Nike, and KPMG, Alistair guides CEOs, founders, and senior executives in rediscovering their true passions and potential. His approach emphasizes increasing awareness, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence to always come from a place of understanding. Through Alistair’s insights, many team members drew parallels to the company’s values. Being able to work collaboratively as a team and maintain a positive mindset. To work towards the same goals as a single, devoted unit.

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The next speaker was Paul Barrett. A highly experienced and motivated former Director of IED Training Solutions Limited. A former Royal Marine stationed in Afghanistan; Paul overcame life-changing injuries while serving his country. His firsthand experience of conquering challenges in the face of adversity has made him an invaluable source of support for vulnerable service leavers, veterans, and their families. With his extensive background in leadership, management and risk assessment, Paul excels in various areas, including charity work, team development, and inspirational speaking.

Paul’s story served as a powerful motivator to everyone at AGR. Teaching valuable lessons about overcoming personal and professional challenges with resilience and integrity. Many individuals within AGR have close ties to the military, some of whom now work within the energy sector, making Paul’s journey ever more poignant. relatable and highlighting the array of transferable skills veterans possess, which can lead to success within the energy sector given the right guidance and opportunity.

After the speakers, the spotlight turned to the stars of the night. Though everyone within AGR paves the way for the great success we have experienced over the years, some people have gone beyond their duties to make us the best energy recruitment company we can be.

Trainee of the Year

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Aaron Dunsmore received personal recognition for his enthusiasm and commitment as a trainee personnel coordinator. His outstanding performance led to his promotion to a fully-fledged Personnel Coordinator, where he continues to embrace new challenges with determination and adaptability. Everyone at AGR has been astounded at his ability to overcome any situation with integrity.

Outstanding Achievement Award

Two people would be recognised for their personal and professional achievements within AGR.

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Paul Dickie, the Operations Manager based in Edinburgh, was celebrated for his 10 years of dedicated service to AGR. Through highs and lows, Paul has displayed commitment and understanding, diligently working to meet the needs of clients. His contributions have been invaluable, making a significant impact on the company’s operations; one of the many reasons he was recognised as for an Outstanding Achievement award.

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Allana Black received the Outstanding Achievement Award for her exceptional contributions to AGR over five years. With extensive knowledge in the offshore drilling industry, HSE, Reactivation projects, HR, and Recruitment, Allana has been instrumental in supplying quality personnel to the energy sector. Her belief in AGR’s role in the energy transition, coupled with her enthusiasm for engaging with clients and candidates across various energy market sectors, demonstrates her commitment to driving positive change. Allana’s outstanding career achievements, including previous awards for Outstanding Contribution in 2019 and Employee of the Year in 2021, reflect her outstanding performance and dedication. Her pursuit of further education, completing a post-graduate diploma in Oil, Gas, and Renewable Energy Law while working full-time, showcases her passion for expanding her expertise in relevant fields.

Coordinator of the Year

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John Scally, the Coordinator of the Year, based at AGR’s UK head office in Edinburgh was awarded the Coordinator of the Year. John’s ambition and dedication to his role have been consistently showcased. Specializing in the supply of Personnel to the International Energy Market, he has built strong working relationships with candidates by possessing an in-depth understanding of the ROV and Survey & Inspection markets. His expertise in identifying and matching ideal candidates for each role ensures the best possible fit. John’s exceptional work ethic and proficiency as a Personnel Coordinator make him an exemplified part of AGR.

Employee of the Year

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The Employee of the Year award was rightfully presented to Mark Adams, the Regional Manager based in Dubai. Mark’s exceptional contributions and unwavering commitment have made him a true driving force behind AGR’s global recruitment drive. His decision to relocate to Dubai showcases his dedication and willingness to go above and beyond in expanding AGR’s reach. With his astute leadership and strategic vision, Mark has played a pivotal role in identifying and seizing new opportunities in the international market. His relentless pursuit of excellence and ability to navigate the intricacies of global recruitment has been instrumental in the company’s success. Mark Adams embodies AGR’s values of exceptional leadership, adaptability, and a strong work ethic, making him a truly deserving recipient of the Employee of the Year award.


The Importance of AGR’s Awards Day

The Annual Awards Day not only celebrated success but also highlighted the importance of AGR’s core values. The event provided a platform to review outstanding achievements, emphasizing commitment, teamwork, integrity, and adaptability as integral aspects of the company’s culture. The joint dinner, attended by employees from trainees to management, symbolized the significance of collaboration and the understanding that success is built from the ground up.

Advance Global Recruitment’s Annual Awards Day was a momentous occasion, honouring the achievements, attitudes, and commitment of its staff. The inspiring speeches, exceptional award recipients, and celebration of collective success served as a reminder of AGR’s commitment to excellence. As the company continues to carry its success forward, the Annual Awards Day remains a testament to the importance of recognizing and celebrating outstanding achievements within the organization.