AGR Scotland Staff Visit Team in Dubai

At the end of November, we were pleased to have the teams from our Edinburgh and Aberdeen offices take a trip to visit our team in Dubai.

Back in 2019, AGR experienced its most successful year to date as a business. We had originally planned the Dubai trip as a reward for AGR’s top UK performers, however the exceptional efforts of the entire team throughout the year were worth acknowledging and rewarding, so instead everyone was invited.

Of course, COVID put a stop to the trip taking place in 2020. Following the end of lockdown and the easing of travel restrictions in 2021, we were delighted to be able to have the entire team head off in November for the week-long trip.

As well as meeting and socialising with the Dubai team, some members of the team were also able to visit some clients based in the city. A few team members also enjoyed time on the golf course, taking advantage of the fantastic (but hot) weather.

The members of the UK team had an excellent time visiting our Dubai office and meeting our extended AGR family. While the increase in video conferencing and travel restrictions throughout lockdown have necessitated more online facetime with both clients and overseas staff, it’s nice to take a break from the digital space and meet our global team in person.

Mark Adams, Regional Manager for the Middle East, had a unique perspective on the visit, having moved from the UK to lead the Dubai team a few years ago:

“It was fantastic to see the full Edinburgh and Aberdeen teams coming across to Dubai and to meet so many new colleagues in person rather than over a screen! It was brilliant to get a feel of the global company that we work in, and it really shows the work ethic and company beliefs that everyone works towards. As always, it was great to also catch up with past colleagues from when I worked in the Edinburgh office and to see how well they were keeping, especially considering the challenging times we have come through during lockdown.”

The hope now is for the Dubai team to make a similar trip over to the UK and experience all that the magnificent city of Edinburgh has to offer. While we may not have skyscrapers, there is no shortage of Scottish hospitality!

Floriza Bascuguin, Trainee Personnel Coordinator at our Dubai office, had this to say about the upcoming visit:

“We are excited to see where AGR started, the main office where our colleagues work, and to get a sense of the working environment at AGR. Also, we’re looking forward to exploring Scotland and exploring the city of Edinburgh to see what lovely places and food it can offer. To quote Jamie Lyn Beatty: ‘Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul.’”

We’re glad that the Dubai trip was a success and that the whole team enjoyed some well-earned relaxation. AGR will always have incentives in place based on performance as we believe in rewarding hard work, commitment and teamwork across the organisation.

We are proud to have such a dedicated team across the globe and want to celebrate team achievements as much as business success – often these go hand-in-hand, as without the work of our team, we wouldn’t be where we are today as a company.