A truly breath-taking Annual Awards for AGR

Awards ceremonies should be fun; however, we recently used our annual event to hear from a truly inspirational character, Saturation Diver, Chris Lemon.

If you haven’t watched the film ‘Last Breath’ on Netflix, you really should add it to your watch list. This remarkable film documents an ‘incident’ which occurred on the 10th September 2012 on the bed of the North Sea. Two divers working on the ocean bed were connected to their vessel by umbilical cords when, without warning, the ship’s Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) failed. The DPS is a computer system that locks the vessel over an exact point on the seabed.

As soon as the vessel started to drift in heavy seas, the divers were in extreme danger and were immediately recalled to the ship. However, one of the diver’s umbilical cord had become entangled in the structure on which they had been working. With the vessel drifting further and further from the work site, the cord broke, leaving diver Chris Lemons in a catastrophic situation.

Cut off from the vessel, Chris had an estimated 5 minute supply of oxygen in his bail-out bottles. This astonishing film recounts the team effort and Chris’s determination that eventually averted an almost inevitable critical outcome.

The purpose of inviting Chris along as the guest speaker to our Annual Awards was to hear first-hand from him about the ‘incident’; but, more importantly, to reinforce the absolute need for competency and health and safety awareness.

We operate in the energy market where danger exists daily. Therefore, competency and adhering to H&S procedures are paramount to us. Chris’s story and his talk on the day certainly helped to reinforce these issues to the whole team at AGR. We want to thank him for sharing his experiences and his thoughts in such a meaningful manner.

Below are pictures from the Annual Awards and a list of the various winners, congratulations go to all of them. We would also like to thank and congratulate every member of the team for another record year at AGR.

And if you haven’t yet seen ‘Last Breath’, please take time to watch it, it is a truly astonishing film.

AGR Team with Chris Lemon

The AGR Team with Chris Lemons

AGR Award Winners

AGR Annual Award Winners

Paul Dickie – Employee of the year   Allana Black – Outstanding contribution    Eilidh Cargill – Personnel Coordinator of the year   Mark Adams – Outstanding contribution