We’ve begun 2021 with lots of energy, particularly in renewables!

The AGR team may be working remotely, but they’re certainly still covering the globe.  Work goes on, and the energy sector is as busy as ever.  Evidence of this is that we’re now placing personnel in well over 60 countries around the world.  It’s a true testament to the dedication of our team and the technology we deploy that, even in extremely challenging times, we can still meet the demands of the industry on a global scale.

We are also proud that we’ve moved with the times to meet the changing needs of our clients.  Traditionally, AGR provided skilled personnel in the oil and gas sector; however, we are living up to our ‘energy specialists’ strapline, 40% of our current work is now in the renewables sector, and that figure grows daily.

Our core business remains essential to us; but, as always, we keep up-to-date with the demands across all energy sources, and we respond to these needs by attracting excellent quality people to fill the roles you need.

We manage to find the right people because we continue to invest in the services we offer our clients.  Recently, we initiated an in-house competency programme which is ably managed by our dedicated Quality Assurance Manager, Danielle Wood.  This programme maps the competency of every candidate so that we can confidently offer you the ideal person with the training and experience you need.

We are also continuing to build our presence in the Middle East through our office in the Gold Tower, Dubai.  Mark Adams, Regional Manager – Middle East, is now fully relocated with his family in Dubai and continues to expand our client base across all energy sectors.

So, current working arrangements may be new to most of us, but with the help of technology, we can still do what we do best – placing excellent people into energy companies around the world.