Shining a Spotlight on Safety

A Night to Remember at the IADC Annual Safety Event

As the curtains rose at P&J Live in Aberdeen on the 22nd of March, industry leaders, innovators, and safety enthusiasts gathered under one roof for a night dedicated to celebrating not just achievements, but a shared commitment to safety excellence throughout the energy industry.

Against the backdrop, the stage came alive with the announcement of the IADC NSC Annual Safety Awards winners. Cheers erupted as each deserving recipient was honoured for their outstanding contributions to safety in the industry – whether it was above 1 million manhours of no accidents, or the best safety performance, everyone at the event was celebrating one, core value. Ensuring the safety of everyone within our sector.

Sharing Values, Inspiring Change

At AGR, safety isn’t merely a priority; it’s a way of life. Our unwavering commitment to safety is deeply ingrained in our core values of adaptability, commitment, integrity, and teamwork. It’s these values that drive us to align ourselves with events like these. We are honoured to have been part of an event that not only echoes but also amplifies these values, inspiring positive change within our industry.”

As the night drew to a close, we extend our sincerest thanks to the organisers, sponsors, and attendees who made this event possible. Special gratitude to Prime Events and P&J Live for hosting a truly memorable evening dedicated to safety.

The IADC NSC Annual Safety Awards was more than just an event. It celebrated unity, progress, and a shared vision for a safer future.