Crew Management

AGR provide comprehensive Crew Management services

Our Crew Management team has a wealth of experience in managing personnel on a wide variety of projects. We can provide all of the services needed to recruit, support and manage the crews you require at any given time.

We believe that the most successful business relationships are based on true long-term partnerships and with that in mind we aim to become a trusted information source to our candidates, a consultancy who will do exactly that... consult. We have fun whilst we work – a lot of fun. We hope that our candidates enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with them.

Our Mission Statement

To be a globally recognised recruitment consultancy that people love to work with!

Successfully managing projects across the globe:

Recruitment & Management of Rig Crew

Arranging visas & travel to work location

All mandatory and required by training courses, training pay, training expense such as flights, hotels, etc. Including renewals.

Arranging medicals/vaccinations for rig crew

PPE for rig crew

Performance reviews of contractor personnel

Enforcement of company’s safety standards

Compliance with all local regulations

Crew schedule/roster management

Annual credit rebate based on % of spend with company

Dedicated crewing coordinator

Onboarding of crews for new/existing drilling contracts

Annual crew rate increase in agreement with company

Payroll administration

Local Labour relations

Withholding Tax due on monthly invoices

Host country taxes if applicable

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