New Technical Partnership Agreement highlights our commitment to the skills development in the energy sector

AGR has long been committed to the energy sector. When we launched AGR Training, one of the primary goals was to encourage people into our industry by providing expert training and a clear path to a career in the energy sector.

AGR’s training and competency division collaborates closely with a leading global training provider to fulfil that commitment. By leveraging our shared industry knowledge, we aim to identify the main challenges causing the most significant issues for clients across a broad range of projects and then, with the help of key partnerships, improve the level of training offered for contractors globally, but delivered locally.

So, we are particularly pleased to announce a new Technical Partnership Agreement with BG Energy in Guyana; it confirms our commitment and furthers our goals to introduce new personnel to the energy sector.

Guyana is a fast-growing economy with a thriving energy sector, but like many other areas of the world, there is a skills shortage, particularly among the local workforce. We are excited that this new partnership will enable us to attract more people to the industry, especially in Guyana.

Image of BG Energy and AGR personnel
Left to Right: Phil Buxo – BG Energy, Chairman. Mahendra Samaroo – BG Energy, Financial Director. Danielle Wood – AGR, Global Compliance Director. Mark Scott – AGR, Finance Director. Shyamal Chandradathsingh – BG Energy, Managing Director.

BG Energy is a solutions-based energy logistics company with over 30 years of experience in the region, delivering ground-breaking and innovative projects and solutions in the energy and marine sectors. They comply with the local content requirements in Guyana, with a majority of Guyanese ownership and 90% of staff being Guyanese.

They have partnered with us because they recognise that, as leading providers of recruitment solutions to top-tier drilling contractors,  the partnership will provide best practice management, local expertise, and real-time on-the-ground support. This new Technical Partnership with BG Energy will also enable us to utilise government incentives to upskill local content in Guyana and strengthen the local region’s resource pool.

It signals that AGR is leading from the front in the region, ensuring that the local content legislation is adhered to and that there is a focus on investment in people; in our experience, investment in people is central to loyalty and people retention. Offering a range of training options encourages and enables entry to the sector, and it provides opportunities for retraining for those who wish to re-enter the sector.

Working collaboratively with BG Energy at a strategic rather than transactional level allows AGR to support the industry in tackling the skills shortage head-on and facilitate a steady flow of competent, locally sourced personnel. Together, we can demonstrate the opportunities within the sector to job seekers and provide a clear pathway to employment. Ultimately, this will unlock the potential within the existing project pipeline and ensure the sector is well-equipped to take advantage of new opportunities in the region.