PAM Operator

PAM Operator

Job Summary

220-230 Euro
United States
April 1 2020


Survey & Inspection

Point of Contact:

Fraser Elgin

Contact Phone:

+44 (0) 131 554 3454

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Advance Global Recruitment have a requirement for an experienced PAM Operator for a 4 week project in the United States.  This is a long term, rotational position throughout 2020.  Candidates must either be a US resident or be in possession of a B1 Visa.  PSO training is also essential and PAMS training beneficial.  Candidates must also be in possession of the following:

  •  Valid Passport
  •  Valid Seaman’s Book
  •  Valid Medical (OGUK preferred)
  •  Valid BOSIET/FOET

Job Description

The role of the MMO and PAM operator is to be present on the ships during offshore operations and to act immediately to protect marine mammals should they enter an exclusion zone (usually 500 metres) prior to operations. MMOs will advise personnel onboard to delay operations until the animals are at a safe distance and also to record behaviour and sightings at other times. The observer must first be able to detect marine mammals. This is done by visual and passive acoustic monitoring. Visual monitoring is conducted by using the highest platform with the best all-round vision and using simply a pair of binoculars the MMO scans the surrounding areas for animals. Visual monitoring is done in all observation work. In addition passive acoustic monitoring may also be carried out. Marine mammals spend most of their time underwater and for those species who are very vocal and are deep divers such as sperm whales – acoustic monitoring can be conducted in addition to visual monitoring to increase the likelihood of detection. Acoustic monitoring also allows for the MMO to detect animals at night. Passive Acoustic Monitoring is conducted by deploying hydrophone cables and monitoring in-coming signals on computers with specially designed acoustic software.

Our clients are a best-in-class provider of geophysical, geotechnical and environmental marine surveys. They offer a comprehensive package of experienced staff, dedicated vessels and state-of the art equipment to empower the ongoing transformation in the offshore energy market.

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