LBL Surveyor

LBL Surveyor

Job Summary

550 - 600 USD
December 30 2023


Survey & Inspection

Point of Contact:

Mark Adams

Contact Phone:

+44 (0) 131 554 3454

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Advance Global Recruitment have a requirement for a Surveyor with strong LBL/Metrology experience for a 4 to 5 week project in the Mediterranean Sea on 18th September.  Experience on Metrology workscope projects is essential as is a strong working history using Sonardyne LBL.  Specific Covid-19 protocols are still to be confirmed but prospective candidates would be best served taking 2 body temperatures per day in case required.  Candidates must also be in possession of the following:

  •  Valid Passport
  •  Valid Seamans Book
  •  Valid Medical
  •  Valid FOET/BOSIET

Job Description

Use specialised technical software and equipment including satellite and terrestrial positioning systems, sonars, single and multibeam echo sounders, laser scanners and LiDAR (light detection and ranging) equipped aircraft to provide data for the production of nautical charts and maps
Use remotely operated and autonomous underwater vehicles to acquire data in deep oceans
Operate specialised technical software and geographical information systems (GIS) to manage the integration, processing and presentation of data to clients
Deal with clients to provide tenders and results in appropriate formats
Manage projects, both onshore and offshore, as vessel-based managers
Produce reports
Provide accurate and reliable information for other disciplines such as navigation, dredging, coastal works, seabed telephone cables, environmental monitoring, aquaculture, marine wind farm development, oceanographic research, bridge construction, and oil, gas and mineral resource exploration
Work in a variety of different situations and applications including seabed mining, oil and gas exploration, the construction of ports, the provision of navigational charts, and the positioning of navigational aids
Source information on seabed type, water movements and waves
Provide data for oceanographic studies
Respond to technical queries from onshore engineering teams and problem-solve for colleagues working offshore – if working onshore
Review company procedures and software projects, and provide feedback on courses and in-house training
Work as part of a team of technical specialists.


Our clients are world-leading offshore surveyors and project management specialists in their field, continually growing their reputation by offering a world class service, with thier clients’ needs at the forefront of all that they do. Their expert technical knowledge together with their state of the art technology supports a range of offshore activities, including marine construction projects, rig and mooring operations and seabed survey/IRM service




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