Geotechnical Engineers

Geotechnical Engineers

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380 GBP
January 31 2020


Survey & Inspection

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Fraser Elgin

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+44 (0) 131 554 3454

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Our client have a requirement for  Geotechnical Engineer’s for a new project in Angola.  We are looking for a number of candidates to support 24 hour operations.   The primary workscope involved will be Box coring and piston coring, back deck engineers required for equipment operation to include winch and LARS.


As a geotechnical engineer, you’ll need to:

  • build and maintain relationships with clients and other professionals involved in the site, throughout each project
  • maintain safety standards on site
  • be mindful of cost implications when you make recommendations
  • complete three distinct stages for each project you undertake.

Your responsibilities during the three stages are divided as follows:

In the initial research phase, you’ll:

  • study geological maps and aerial photographs from a range of sources and from different time periods
  • examine construction plans to see how feasible they are based on your understanding of the site
  • investigate risks or geological hazards for the site
  • search for environmentally sensitive features, such as landfill
  • start to develop factual and interpretive ground models
  • plan field investigations.

A second phase consisting of site investigations requires you to:

  • drill and analyse samples of bedrock, soil, groundwater and additional materials
  • supervise other professionals on site
  • solve technical issues as they arise, such as unexpected structures at drill sites
  • monitor conditions during and after construction to make sure structures are stable in the short and long term.

Finally, a phase of reporting includes:

  • adding data collected on site to your initial research
  • creating geotechnical calculations, drawings, and two or three-dimensional computer models interpreting the data
  • making recommendations about the proposed use of the site.


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