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450 GBP
May 29 2024


Survey & Inspection

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Fraser Elgin

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Advance Global Recruitment Ltd has a requirement for a Geophysicist for a project in Denmark.  The project itself is due to last for 2 weeks but there is scope for this to be extended for a further 2 weeks.  Candidates must have a strong background in using either Sonarwiz or Kingdom and must also be double Covid vaccinated, as per the clients request.  As this is a geophysical site-survey, candidates with a back ground in this kind of work would be preferred although not essential.  Candidates must also be in possession of the following:

  • Valid medical certificate (OGUK preferred)
  • Valid FOET/BOSIET survival cert
  • Valid passport
  • Valid seaman’s book


Job Description

Pre-plan projects before going on site

Design data acquisition plans

Decide on suitable seismic measurement and data-processing techniques

Take equipment out to various locations around the world and deploy seismometers

Observe the reaction of recording equipment to detect irregularities

Use computers for data management, quality control and communication between the office and field locations

Interpret and map 2D and 3D seismic data

Report on collected seismic data to the team, clients, senior managers or partners at meetings and presentations

Measure reservoir volumes

Assess potential oil and gas yield

Design, test, modify and repair seismic equipment

Adapt data collection procedures

Work closely with a small team of scientists and other staff who may be away in the field or offshore for several weeks at a time

Compile charts and reports

Write documentation and work logs

Provide a range of geophysical support and technical advice and guidance

Keep abreast of new and emerging technologies

Improve existing techniques in data acquisition and mathematical processing, as well as seek to develop new techniques and methods

Work within budget, resource and time constraints.


Our clients are the world’s leading Geo-data specialist, collecting and analysing comprehensive information about the Earth and the structures built upon it. Through integrated data acquisition, analysis and advice, they unlock insights from Geo-data to help their clients design, build and operate their assets in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner.


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