Geophysical Engineer

Geophysical Engineer

Job Summary

370 - 420 GBP per day
October 20 2019


Survey & Inspection

Point of Contact:

Fraser Elgin

Contact Phone:

+44 (0) 131 554 3454

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Our client have an urgent requirement for a Geophysical Engineer for a 4 week geophysical site investigation in Norway.  The ideal candidate will be proficient in work-scopes involving the following.

  • Single Beam Echosounder
  • Multibeam Echosounder
  • Sub-bottom profiler
  • Magnetometer
  • Sidescan Sonar
  • 2DHR Seismic
  • UHR Seismic (to be confirmed)

The candidate should also hold the following

  •  Valid Passport
  •  Valid Seaman’s Book
  •  Valid Medical (OGUK preferred)
  •  Valid BOSIET/FOET


Geophysical Engineering is the scientific method behind locating and extracting different natural resources from the earth, including ores, minerals, precious gems, water, or gases.  They must be able to:

  • Utilize their extensive knowledge of the earth to identify sites that may contain special mineral or stone deposits that could be of interest to mining companies and other corporations.
  • Plan how the resources will be drawn out of the earth in the most efficient and environmentally friendly manner.
  • Improve upon the current extraction methods being used in operating mines.


Our clients are the world’s leading Geo-data specialist, collecting and analysing comprehensive information about the Earth and the structures built upon it. Through integrated data acquisition, analysis and advice, they unlock insights from Geo-data to help our clients design, build and operate their assets in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner.




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