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Chief Engineer

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July 29 2022


Survey & Inspection

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Neil Hogg

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Advance Global Recruitment have a requirement for a Chief Officer, specifically one with experience in LNG, VLGC and Ethelyne carriers. Work will be initially centred around the Mediterranean Sea but ongoing globally from there.


Working in Marine Engineering as a licensed mariner, a Marine Chief Engineer job is of high rank onboard the ship, and in some cases shares equal rank with the Captain. Often the duties are split between these two posts, with the Marine Chief Engineer taking responsibility for all machinery and onboard maintenance. The Marine Chief Engineer must ensure that the engine room is suitable for inspection by coastguard authorities and ensures that there is a surplus of fuel and spare parts. In an emergency the Marine Chief Engineer will assume complete control of the engine room.  Duties include:

  • A Marine Chief Engineer holds complete responsibility for the operation of the engine room and any maintenance of machinery onboard the vessel.
  • As head of Marine Engineering on board ship, the Marine Chief Engineer works closely with the Captain, occasionally holding equal rank, to ensure that the physical aspect of the vessel is completely under control.
  • You must work within a small team to ensure that all maintenance is completed efficiently and in depth.
  • The Marine Chief Engineer must maintain inventory for any spare parts, extra fuel and oil. This inventory must be kept up to date.
  • The Marine Chief Engineer must also ensure that the engine room is well kept and prepared for inspection by higher authorities, and it is the Marine Chief Engineer’s responsibility in the event that the inspection finds the room unsatisfactory.
  • You must also determine the volume of oil, fuel and lube required for each voyage and ensure that substantial quantities of each is on board.
  • The Marine Chief Engineer delivers general daily operation of the engine room to their primary assistant.


As a gas shipping company, our client operates at the heart of the transition towards a more sustainable world. They offer high-quality services and flexibility to the world’s leading manufacturers of chemicals.
With their fleet of gas tankers they are specialized in the transport of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Petrochemical gases, such as Ethylene and Propylene.

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