Frequently Asked Questions

Candidates - General

  • What payroll companies does Advance Global Recruitment use?

    Advance Global Recruitment use a number of payroll companies including the following:

  • How do I get paid?

    Bank Transfer.

  • What is a time sheet?

    A time sheet is used to record your weekly working days / hours.

  • When do I get paid?

    This depends on the sector you work in. Usually weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

  • What will happen with my expenses?

    All expenses must be recorded on an expenses form and submitted along with your purchase VAT receipt.

Candidates - Oil & Energy

  • How do I obtain my offshore certifications?

    There are a number of training providers who can assist you to obtain your offshore certifications. Here are some useful links below:

  • What offshore certifications do I need as a minimum to go offshore?

    Offshore Survival, Medical and a valid passport.

  • I have the certificates but how do I get offshore?

    Keep in regular contact with Advance Global Recruitment and remain patient & positive.

  • Can Advance Global Recruitment work with candidates who have never been offshore?

    Yes. Our aim is to assist candidates in every way possible. Advance Global Recruitment are happy to offer advice, hints and tips to our prospective candidates.

  • How long is each rotation offshore?

    This will vary depending upon the client and the role. Typically the most common rotations are 2/4/6 weeks.

  • Who organises my travel to the offshore projects?

    Travel will be organised by Advance Global Recruitment or via the contracting client.

  • How often do I get paid?

    Bi-weekly or monthly dependant upon contracting client.

  • Do I need a CV / Resume?

    Yes. Please use our Quick CV Upload function to present your most recent CV / Resume.

  • Can Advance Global Recruitment help me to create a CV / Resume?

    Yes. Advance Global Recruitment can provide a CV / Resume edit service. For a small cost, Advance Global Recruitment will re-format and re-edit your CV to ensure it stands out from the crowd. Please visit our Services section to gain further information.

  • I have just graduated from University; can Advance Global Recruitment assist me in finding graduate's roles?

    Yes absolutely. Advance Global Recruitment love to work with graduates and currently assist a number of our international client's to pro-actively recruit graduates. Advance Global Recruitment also operates a graduate internship programme with our strategic partner Tic Two in China, please follow the link below for further details:

  • Can Advance Global Recruitment pay me through my Ltd co?


  • How often do I contact Advance Global Recruitment regarding live vacancies?

    Candidates are advised to contact our offices on a weekly basis.

  • Do Advance Global Recruitment deal with international companies?


  • Can Advance Global Recruitment provide me with a Seaman's Book?

    No. Please visit the following sites to gain further information on how to obtain your Seaman's book:

  • Do Advance Global Recruitment offer candidate referral schemes?

    Yes. If a candidate is referred to Advance Global Recruitment and the candidate is placed on a regular rotation then Advance Global Recruitment will pay £100GBP to the individual who made the introduction.

  • What will be the day rate for an offshore role?

    This will vary depending on the client, role and location.

  • Do Advance Global Recruitment have temporary contract and staff contract roles?


Candidates - UK Construction

  • What is a CSCS Card / Certificate?

    Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) - The CSCS Card / Certificate shows that the holder is considered to be competent at his or her job, lists any relevant certificate/qualifications and also shows that the holder has passed a health & safety test. Check out the following link:

  • What is a CPCS Card / Certificate?

    Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) - a card scheme to prove the skills of plant operators. CPCS is the largest and most highly recognised card scheme for the plant industry. It helps to prove workers' operating skills and health and safety awareness. Check out the following link:

  • Does a CSCS Card / Certificate Expire?

    The CSCS Certificate will expire after 2 years from date of issue.
    The CSCS Card will expire after 5 years from date of issue.

  • How do I obtain the CSCS Card / Certificate?

    There are a number of training providers who can supply the CSCS. Check out the following link:

  • Do Advance Global Recruitment require a CSCS Card / Certificate before presenting me with work?

    Not always. A CSCS Card / Certificate is only required when candidates are operating on a construction site.

  • What is a UTR number?

    The Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) is only issued by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) when you have registered for Self Assessment. It is made up of ten numbers, for example 1234567890, and can be found on documentation issued by HMRC such as the Tax Return (SA100), a 'Notice to complete a Tax Return' (SA316) or a Statement of Account. Check out the following link:

  • Do Advance Global Recruitment work all over the UK?

    Yes. Advance Global Recruitment work nationally.

  • Do Advance Global Recruitment work internationally?


  • Can I work as a Sub-Contractor to Advance Global Recruitment?


Candidates - UK Driving

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