CEO, Stuart Hunter adds his voice to the call for investment in people

We are delighted to see our CEO’s article in Energy Voice. Stuart recently contributed an article about why Investment in people is critical to the UK’s net zero ambitions.

In the article, Stuart explains why collaboration will be key to bringing in the influx of new workers required to bring the North Sea’s promising pipeline of major infrastructure projects online and deliver greater energy security for the UK.

Stuart highlights some recent developments giving him reason to be optimistic about the future but also acknowledges the many challenges facing the sector, particularly in attracting new talent. While accepting it is a challenge, he also identifies it as an opportunity; Stuart explains AGR’s position by saying, “We’re working with clients across the industry, as well as partners such as AIS Survivex, to not only identify and match personnel for industry roles but to go beyond that to deliver targeted training for a complete recruitment solution, benefiting employers and individuals.

“We’ve seen first-hand through our engagement with industry over recent years how attitudes are changing – and there’s a real appetite to develop a cross-industry workforce to support the development of projects across all sectors.”

He goes on to explain what he believes needs to happen if we are to quickly establish leading frameworks, such as the skills passport, which will remove the barriers associated with cross-sector working that will create greater energy security for the UK while also delivering a workforce with exportable skills and experience.

You can read the full article on the Energy Voice website by clicking HERE.