AGR launches new training division

We are delighted to announce our new division – AGR Training (AGRT).

At AGR we fully understand the importance of Training and Competency to all our clients, this has naturally led us to the development of our new division – AGRT. With the continually changing training and competency expectations across the energy sector, AGRT has identified a requirement to support the function of providing high-quality personnel with the ability to identify, assess and manage training and competency for candidates and clients. We will use our wealth of expertise, experience, and knowledge to provide an all-encompassing service ensuring all industry standards are met.

Heading the Division is our Global Compliance Manager and UKCAS accredited Competence Assessor – Danielle Wood, who has over 10 years of experience in Compliance and implementing Management Systems.

“We are all so excited for this launch as AGRT is the next obvious step for the business as training and compliance is a vital aspect in the control and regulation within the energy industry,” Miss Wood continued to say “AGRT will provide our clients and candidates across a multitude of energy sectors with high-quality training which will help them in this ever-changing industry. Our clients require strong transferable skills and experience in this sector, which we cannot wait to help them improve upon.”

3 Tier internal Verification

We have developed our own bespoke in-house 3 Tier Verification Procedure, which has enabled us to provide competent candidates to our clients. It is designed to not only meet client requirements but be functional for the candidates who are using it. The procedure ensures:

  • Company processes and expectations are standardised across the Company in all offices globally, ensuring the same elevated level of service to all clients.
  • Reduces any risk of non-compliance and issues for clients.
  • Supports the credibility of internally assessed qualifications with candidates and clients.
  • Sets us aside from our competitors.

We believe it is vital to provide clients with a full service that does not just concentrate on getting “Bums on Seats” but provides essential and transferable skills for their company.

Candidate Training and Compliance

AGRT have worked tirelessly on the development of strong relationships with market leaders in industry-approved training centres globally. We now have strong frameworks in place globally which allows AGRT to provide high-quality and bespoke training worldwide.

Training and Compliance are vital aspects of the control and regulation within the energy industry, which is why AGR Training was the next logical step for AGR’s expansion. With a database of over 100,000 candidates globally, AGRT aims to support the constantly evolving competency landscape.

Training and Competency Management Services

With vast knowledge and experience, AGRT is in a strong position to identify and understand the internal bespoke competence and training requirements of our clients. As a vital function for our client’s crew, AGRT’s interactive online Training Management Platform will manage all aspects of personnel which is bespoke to each client.

The bespoke Training Management System (TMS) has full client traceability and reporting. This will be provided as part of the service delivered by AGRT. The automated systems allow AGRT to run real-time reports and ensure all bespoke training requirements are foreseen and scheduled around crewing rotations. This will allow us to provide both short term and long-term support options.

Looking to the future

We are fully aware of the skill shortage across the energy sector, and this has played a huge part in the reason we have opened our new division. Acknowledging the extent of the skill shortage AGRT has been set up to be proactive, not only to support the Training and Competency Requirements but to explore the promotion of the energy market as a carrier for the next generation.

Training and technical programmes are a way of collaborating with our clients to transition skill sets. AGRT have developed several bespoke Training Programs such as the Trainee ROV Training Program which has had an overwhelming response globally.

AGRT has also been building its relationships to provide skills with higher and further education institutions and with those who are leaving the military.